Toasterlab Mixed Reality Performance Atelier

Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, Toasterlab’s Mixed Reality Performance Atelier is a two-year deep dive into the current mixed reality methods used by theatre and performance makers across Canada and the U.S. Starting in July 2019, every four months, an Atelier cohort will present progress on their projects at a symposium hosted by Toasterlab in partnership with a university and the Atelier’s advisory board, made up of leading artists and technologists working extended reality. When the Atelier concludes in June 2021, Toasterlab will share open source tools, guidelines, and instructional material for the creation of immersive media in an arts context.

Atelier Projects

Our Atelier projects include:

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Toronto – York University – November 5, 2019

The Mixed Reality Performance Symposium: York is the first of six symposiums hosted by mixed reality producers Toasterlab, and will explore extended and mixed reality performance. Artists and new media creators will share modes of working and recent successes in VR, AR, and immersive theatre. It was done in partnership with the Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts & Technology.

Projects include:

Vancouver – University of British Columbia – February 21, 2020

UBC is the second of six symposiums hosted by mixed reality producers Toasterlab, and will explore extended and mixed reality performance. The focus of this symposium is to provide insight into the production process and hands-on experience with 360VR cameras, VR headsets, geolocation, motion capture and other creation and distribution tools.

Toasterlab Project Updates: – VIDEO

With presentations from:

Online – FoldA/Howlround – June 4 & 13-19, 2020

The third gathering of the Atelier was planned in partnership with FoldA to integrate with this year’s program. With FoldA going fully online due to COVID19, so goes the Toasterlab AGM. In this hour-long session, the MRPA Advisory Board will share updates to recent projects, and talk about the opportunities and challenges faced by engaging in the necessary adaptation to the current realities of producing performance when we can’t gather. 

Annual General Meeting

Projects include:

tMoRPH – Mixed Reality Performance Hack

This session will also introduce Toasterlab’s Mixed Reality Performance Hackathon (tMoRPH), June 13 – 19, which will focus on questions surrounding the delivery of immersive performance content in remote and low-bandwidth conditions and will include a live presentation of I.F. : Indigenous Futurities : Dancing Earth in CyberSpace on June 18. 

Final Projects Presented:

Upcoming (TBD)

Advisory Board


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