Downtown Kansas City at:

  • 4th and Delaware (West side),
  • 9th and Main (East side)
  • Union Station

Live performance was on Saturday, August 24th, 2019 at 3pm at Union Station East Plaza adjacent to the KC Streetcar Stop

Choreographer Jane Gotch in collaboration with dancers Leo Gayden and Trina Warren, with videographer and VR consultant Ian Garrett from Toasterlab, create site-responsive Virtual Reality dance performances at three Kansas City streetcar stops.

This work act like a microscope, directing attention towards overlooked and mundane locals within Kansas City. The videos generate a conceptual feedback loop by documenting and describing the City’s history, architectural features, and inhabitants while simultaneously inhabiting and becoming new virtual history and architecture.

Gotch reimagines what “public space” is, and how it is created and accessed within a city. Proposing that it isn’t just a segment of land designated by a city planner or council, but it is a mindset shared by the inhabitants who occupy any public space — literally, the ground they are standing on. Each person deserves a place within the city for respite, reflection, and interaction. This project leads by example, both in content and in the way the audience interfaces with it. The artists make space for the audience to also believe that they have permission to create and play in Kansas City.