Remember Me

Toasterlab’s Involvement

The Remember Me app was created in collaboration with Toasterlab. The app uses Toasterlab’s MapTool to produce an emplacement effect.

Toasterlab also helped to develop an offline packaging system for content delivery, which allowed people without access to data to download the experience through wi-fi before attending the site.

Overview of Discipline, Context, Intention

Remember Me is an interactive sound project that archives the sonic environment of the Prague Exhibition Grounds prior to the Prague Quadrennial 2019. Embarking on an auditory voyage through time and space, participants are transported to the past through a sonic portal. The sounds occurring naturally in these environments are digitally preserved. These aural records remind us that our land has a past with monumental memories and a voice with a story to tell.

If nature could speak, what would it say?

Remember me.

Summary of Experience

With the Remember Me app, participants journey to the chosen locations, orient themselves according to the photographs, and listen with their own headphones to the correlating binaural recordings.

The sonic landscape was recorded from the artist’s perspective using binaural headphones with built-in microphones. Participants listen to the environment exactly as the artist did on that day, at that time, and in that spot. A cyclist passes behind as the wind rustles tree branches to the left, and a bird to the right sings in competition with the mechanical horns of cars from the street ahead.


Sharon Reshef created a series of soundscapes using binaural headphones. She would travel around the Prague Quadrennial sites, searching for any sounds that caught her attention, then quickly get into a pose, and record. She focused on finding juxtapositions between and within the soundscapes – some soundscapes were loud and exciting, while others were quiet and ambient; and often, the binaural headphones would pick up two very different sets of sounds for each ear. 

Performance Runs

Remember Me was presented at the Prague Quadrennial, from June 6 to 19, 2019.

Relevant Organizations and People

Sharon Reshef 

The Remember Me app is no longer available, but you can still download the ePub here:

​Participants may download the app using wifi/data. 

Once the content is downloaded the app can run without wifi/data as long as the app remains open.

Participants are also welcome to download the Epub File that will open in iBook or an Android ebook reader. 

The Remember Me App was created in collaboration with Toasterlab

Sharon Reshef’s Website​