I.F.: Indigenous Futurities: Dancing Earth in CyberSpace

Toasterlab presented I.F. : Indigenous Futurities : Dancing Earth in CyberSpace livestreamed on the global, commons-based, peer produced HowlRound TV network at howlround.tv on Thursday 18 June 2020

Collaborating artist visionaries reveal cyberspace as a realm of ritual, to reimagine the future from the brink of collapse of the dominant system and re-emergence of Indigenous cosmologies. Technology is reclaimed to affirm connections between distant places and times. At a time of DisDancing: what is the message from human-to-human; what is the sacred invisible web that connects us? We reach into the constellations to remember ancestral stories of creation after destruction, to guide us forward.


  1. Ritual – to reimagine the future that we are stepping into , and what are are the superhero powers/innate purposes in life/guiding philosophies that we are conjuring and embodying to get there
  2. ReCreation post apocalypse: what are our creation stories that can teach us about resilience in the remaking of the world
  3. What is the Message from Humans to Earth of Love in a Time of Corona?
  4. During these dark times, what is the light that each of us carries, as constellations?
  5. at a time of DisDancing : what is the message from human-to-human; what is the sacred invisible web that connects us?
  6. Can intuition, imagination, and Indigenous science that parallels quantum theory, bring us together over vast distances of places, time , difference to meet in the spaces between – the connective tissue, the flow, the infinite, liminal space, the life force energy we all share?

Lead Artists

  • Tisina Parker : Social Impact Producer
  • Rulan Tangen : Director/Choreographer in collaboration with artists
  • QVLN : Music Director

Multi Artist Dancers/Vocalists/Speakers/ Cultural Collaborators

  • Jade Whaanga
  • Eugene “Trey” Pickett III
  • Dakota Alcantara-Camacho
  • Lumhe Micco Sampson

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