Albion Library Virtual Reality Project

Toasterlab’s Involvement

Toasterlab led a series of workshops with Kitchenband to facilitate the creation, filming, and editing of the virtual reality experiences featured as part of the Albion Library Virtual Reality Project.

Overview of Discipline, Context, Intention

The Albion Library Virtual Reality Project is a digital installation of 360-degree videos filmed in the Albion Public Library by members of the Albion Library community.


Users with a smartphone or tablet with the YouTube app installed can access the videos by moving around on a map with their fingers. The project is also available for desktop and laptop users. Icons on the map show the locations in the library where videos have been recorded.

Tapping on the icon opens up a 360-degree virtual reality video in YouTube for that location. The video moves with the user, and the experience is augmented for any users who have a VR viewer.


Participants were led through a series of workshops by Kitchenband and Toasterlab to create, film, and edit virtual reality experiences inspired by the story and history of the Albion community and library. These immersive VR experiences are now part of a public installation in the Albion Public Library.

Performance Runs

The Albion Library VR Project workshops were held from September 9 to December 5, 2019 at Albion Library. The video installations and interactive map are still available.

Relevant Organizations and People

Kitchenband is a Toronto-based theatre collective led by Erin Brandenberg and Andrew Penner. They create new multidisciplinary work with a focus on stories inspired by the Canadian landscape and history.

Artists in the Library is an artist residency program intended to create new opportunities for Toronto artists and increase arts access in underserved communities by animating libraries in Etobicoke, North York and Scarborough.

For Toasterlab

Ian Garrett
Justine Garrett
Andrew Sempere

For Kitchenband Theatre

Erin Brandenberg

Albion VR Project Participants

Roger Chan
Ines Habara
Priyanshi Ramani
Gunika Shinji


Erin Brandenberg
Roger Chan
Philip Cote
Frank Cox-O’Connell
Miss Coco Murray
The Navrang Dance Academy