Captain Me

Toasterlab’s Involvement

Toasterlab coordinated the remote production of each of the Captain Me series of videos, in which each of the actors tuned in from at-home Zoom calls. Toasterlab also completed all of the post-production tasks for each of the videos in the series. Additionally, Toasterlab coordinated the creation of a custom licensing system for streaming from the soon-to-launch website.

Overview of Discipline, Context, Intention

Captain Me is a musical self-determination program for children. In a series of online videos, a puppet named Cappy presents 12 interactive musical lessons that foster independence in children with diverse needs. Using the most up-to-date research on self-determination, these lessons were designed by a teacher and occupational therapist. 

In the Captain Me series of online interactive musical educational videos, Cappy, Miss Amy, and Mr. David all provide lessons and interactive singing throughout the series, teaching children how to set goals, solve problems, and find their joy through greater self-awareness. During each lesson, the video pauses, so that parents and educators have a chance to engage children in conversations about independent thinking and problem solving. Each video ends with Cappy becoming Captain Me, a superhero ready to overcome obstacles and build a better life.