#9 – METI International (1 of 2)

Transmission Podcast
Transmission Podcast
#9 - METI International (1 of 2)

On March 22, 2017, Transmission Podcast was invited to attend a day long conference at Muséum National D’Histoire Naturelle in Paris about the question “What is Life,” hosted by METI International. Many of our listeners will be familiar with SETI, or Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. METI, is Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence. It is similarly focused on research and discussion related to possible extraterrestrial life, but considers also what we would say and why we’d say it to aliens. While there we interviewed Trustees of METI International and members of their Advisory Council. We asked them our questions, and why they feel METI’s work, though sometimes controversial, is important.

On this Episode:
Jacques Arnaud
Dr. Guillermo Lemarchand
Dr. Jill Stuart

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