#8 – Who Goes?

Transmission Podcast
Transmission Podcast
#8 - Who Goes?

On this episode: who would be the first people to leave earth if we discovered intelligent life on another planet? We’ve previously discussed if we should leave earth at all, because the risks involved in interstellar space travel are significant. More on that in episode 5. If you haven’t listened yet, you might want to go back and catch up.

But, back to who goes? We have to keep in mind that this isn’t a trip that can be completed in one lifetime – is there any basis for this kind of project in our past? Let’s call in the experts.

On this episode:
Alires Almon
Dr. Beth Biller
Dr. Kathryn Denning
Dr. Duncan Forgan
Dr. Jackie Green
Dr. Joel Meyers
Dr. Christine Corbett Moran
Dr. John Rummel
Dr. Seth Shostak
Dr. Phil Surles
Dr. Aaron Zimmerman

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