#7 – Designing an Interstellar Ship

Transmission Podcast
Transmission Podcast
#7 - Designing an Interstellar Ship

On this episode of Transmission Podcast we’re considering what sort of vessel we might take on an interstellar journey.

For those familiar with the Star Trek universe, I’ve heard that the Borg had the right idea in ship design. Sleek aerodynamics don’t mean much in a near vacuum, so their floating cube, which could be oriented in any direction, seemed as good a choice as any if you don’t need to deal with an atmosphere.

Anyways… we’re decades, if not centuries, away from any sort of interstellar spaceflight. But if we let our imaginations run wild with the science we currently understand – what could we come up with?

On this Episode:
Rhae Adams
Alires Almon
Dr. Kathryn Denning
Dr. Duncan Forgan
Dr. Jacklyn R. Green
Dr. Joel Meyers
Dr. John Rummel
Dr. Katherine Garcia-Sage
Dr. Aaron Zimmerman

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