#2 – Organizing around an Alien Transmission

#2 - Organizing around an Alien Transmission

On this episode we’re talking about how we would organize ourselves if we were to discover something completely outside of the box — the presence of an extraterrestrial civilization. We receive signals all the time. Everything from energetic waves on the electromagnetic spectrum, to the sounds of gravitational waves. It’s easy to dismiss a signal as nothing more than normal space noise – or to get overexcited, and confuse normal transmissions with with extraterrestrial communications. Clearly, this is a big project – one that requires many brilliant minds who are willing to work together. Anyone who’s been involved in a large scale project before knows that collaborations on that scale come with their own unique set of challenges.

On this Episode:
Dr. Beth Biller
Dr. Kathryn Denning
Dr. Duncan Forgan
Dr. Pippa Goldschmidt
Dr. Avi Loeb
Dr. Joel Meyers
Dr. Seth Shostak
Dr. Phil Surles
Dr. Pete Worden
Dr. Aaron Zimmerman

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