#1 – How do We Listen to Space?

Transmission Podcast
Transmission Podcast
#1 - How do We Listen to Space?

This Podcast speculates on the possibility of life on Proxima b – the closest planet outside of our solar system that has the potential to support life – and whether civilizations like our own could live there. What if we received their television and radio broadcasts? How would we listen in? Could we translate them? How could we communicate back?.

This is our first episode – and we’re talking about “listening” to space. When we think about listening, we usually think of noisy sounds from science fiction. But sound is not the only way that we can find out what is happening in our universe. We spoke with a number of astronomers – and others involved with space research – to discover the many different ways that we listen to space.

Guests on this episode:
Dr. Beth Biller
Dr. Kathryn Denning
Dr. Katherine Garcia-Sage
Dr. Pippa Goldschmidt
Dr. Avi Loeb
Dr. Dan Tamayo
Dr. Seth Shostak
Dr. Pete Worden
Dr. Aaron Zimmerman

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