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  • Nikon KeyMission 360 Tests – A Day in the Park

    Our Nikon KeyMission 360 arrived recently. It has had some mixed reviews which I believe stem from the nearly useless mobile app which you could use as a remote. The app is infuriating and doesn’t work on many mobile devices (such as an iPhone 7). I was able to get it to work on an…

  • Spherical Video Workshop at Indy Convergence

    Though the convergence was a much more simple and short convening this year, we did get in a lot of playing with spherical video. A playlist is below. There are some videos which are the same, but the audio has been replaced with a separate binaural recording.

  • Rallentando Spherical Video Overlays

    Gwenyth Dobie and William Mackwood of Out of the Box Productions allowed me to borrow their performance installation Rallentando¬†to do some initial immersive recordings and overlays. It was an interesting experiment, since their project is about immersion accomplished through video mapping into a space to create a technological approach to the idea of Forest Bathing.…

  • Transmission Footage from 2015 Indy Convergence

    Thanks to Charles Borowicz who followed the progress of Transmission during the 2015 Indy Convergence. This video was compiled for writer Maggie Sulc in associated with the Volcano Emerging Artists Program. Our work opened the door to the story we re telling now.