Rallentando Spherical Video Overlays

Gwenyth Dobie and William Mackwood of Out of the Box Productions allowed me to borrow their performance installation Rallentando to do some initial immersive recordings and overlays. It was an interesting experiment, since their project is about immersion accomplished through video mapping into a space to create a technological approach to the idea of Forest Bathing.

For the video sample, this process, aligned through visual cues in the environment, simply used YouTube to deliver the content. The YouTube app takes care of positioning, as you can see in the second sample.

The limits of the “High Definition” of the Ricoh Theta are pretty obvious in these low light conditions. having 1920 pixels wrapped around a sphere is not what one expects when HD is referred to.

Spherical Sample:

Overlay Sample (taking two days later)

Playlist of three samples here: 

A bit more about Rallentando itself is visible in this video. It also has better resolution to get a sense of their visuals.