Image Target

Backwall Target

Untargeted Samples

Kaeja Demo – Karen Solo

Kaeja Demo – Karen Solo 2

Kaeja Demo – Mio Solo

Kaeja Demo – Michael Solo

Kaeja Demo – Nickeshia Solo

Kaeja Demo – Nickeshia Karen Duet

Kaeja Demo – Mio and Aria Duet 1

Kaeja Demo – Mio and Aria Duet 2

Kaeja Demo – Aria Solo


These three cameras are using Video Ninja to stream specific video channels, like a google meet or zoom meeting that can be joined by a phone or any device really: 


They should show up with minimal (but likely still existing) latency, as this is typically used to stream remote video into OBS or a video switcher that can parse URLs.

The interface at the Demo UI link allows them each to load the viewing stream, but these are the direct links: