Jane Gotch Dance

Developing multiple projects with Choreographer Jane Gotch, a Toronto, ON and Kansas City, MO based choreographer, director and dancer, steeped in the traditions of ballet, modern and contemporary dance, contact improvisation, authentic movement, Gyrotonic and Somatic Experiencing.  

Jane’s movement style occupies a vacillating identity between highly technical dance and emotionally expressive physical theater. She constructs dance based performance installations by combining her skills with those of actors, dancers, visual artists, lighting designers, videographers, vocalists and musicians to construct performances that are sensorially integrated and surpass anything she could create alone. Each work’s generative process, narrative, and final performance is inextricably linked to the talents and personal histories of the collaborating artists.

Her works have been staged in office buildings, on street corners, haunted house basements, parks, art galleries, and on occasion in theatres. She selects locations that allow her to remap relationships between audience and performer through new forms:  one-on-one dances, remote viewings (dancer on the street, viewer with binoculars from the sixth story of a building), or supplying the audience with disposable flash cameras to light, frame and document the performance.

Projects with Toasterlab

If You See Something, Say Something

Kyle Mullins’ monthly project, Making Moves at Charlotte Street Foundation’s new performance venue, Capsule. The challenge was to make something and perform it in a month. “If you see something, say something.” is Jane’s first adventure into Virtual Reality video. It is featuring Toronto dancers, Lauren RunionsNyda Kwasowsky, and Michaëla St-Pierre, and was assisted and edited by Ian Garrett at Toasterlab.