What is toasterlab?

Toasterlab was originally formed as the design and production services operation of co-founder Ian Garret. in 2017 it was re-established as a business entity to support the production of Transmission, a mixed reality theatrical project presented as part of the FuturePlay Festival in Edinburgh in August 2017 and the Future of Storytelling Festival in October of 2017. With the development of many original, and integration of emerging immersive technologies, it was clear that the Transmission was just the start of a larger initiative to support these hybrid creation forms.

At the encouragement of the Canada Council for the Arts, toasterlab has engage in a multi-year expansion of its original mixed reality storytelling platform. Projects are currently in the works around the globe to get people out of their homes to experience high quality mixed reality content out in the world.


  • Makes mixed reality content and delivers it through an original platform
  • Takes users on a hunt to experience geolocated entertainment
  • Gamifies compelling metanarratives – more story is the reward
  • Provides an enchanting digital overlay to normal life
  • Integrates original, novel tech with high quality content that matches the medium
  • Puts the audience physically inside the story

The team

Ian web

Ian Garrett

Production / Design

Interactive projects featured in Venice Biennale, World Stage Design Taipei, Maria Island (Tasmania), Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, Maker Faire. Regular speaker on technological ghosts: using immersive content and geolocation to bridge the uncanny valley and enhance a mixed reality experience. Tenured professor of stage design. Executive director of multiple arts organizations.



Andrew Sempere

Digital Scenography

Previous Design Researcher at IBM responsible for UX on design prototypes and provided the voice of “design thinking” for research strategy. Recently Senior User Experience Designer Food52, a NY-based media and e-commerce company. Previous locative interactive design for Hotel City / CinemaMutation (Interactive film installation / game engine) and Summer of Darkness locative history application.



Justine Garrett

Story / Performance

Emmy-Award winning producer, writer and performer. Graduate of Second City Conservatory, sought after story consultant including projects for Lily Tomlin. Developed degree programs at CalArts in Art + Technology and Video Game Design.